What to put in care packages

Care packages can be used as an easy and practical tool to bless a homeless person. They can be seasonal or generic. 

In a generic care package, ideas of things to include would be a new pair of socks, a bottle of water, granola bar, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer, and personal wipes. 

Here are some of the most practical items to include…

Socks – a person who is homeless or lives on the streets will always take a pair of fresh socks “freshies” from you, even if they don’t want anything else. For someone who uses their feet as their vehicle, it is very important to make sure their feet are clean and dry. This can be a challenge, especially during the hot summer months. If you are intimidated by starting a conversation with a homeless person, socks are an excellent ice breaker!

Deodorant/Personal wipes – Showers are rarely available for someone who lives outside and personal hygiene can be a challenge. Even though these items will not replace a shower, they will help in a small way. Travel-sized items are also the most cost-effective and most requested, as the larger sizes are hard to carry around day-to-day in their backpacks.

Water/Granola bar – Non-perishable food items are the key here. You want to give something that will not expire or melt in the heat. Granola bars are sustainable and easy to throw in a backpack for a meal or snack and will last. Water is also not always accessible for homeless people, sadly, so be sure to include it in your care packages!

Seasonal items – In the winter months, gloves and beanies are key.  Hot Hands (hand warmers) are helpful during cold nights to put inside of gloves and/or socks. Chapstick or lip balm is also a great idea since their time is mostly spent outside. In the summer months, sunscreen and insect repellent are great to add also. 

Sometimes we don’t realize how life-sustaining small gestures of kindness can be to someone who might not have the means for food and toiletries otherwise. With a smile and a kind word, you could be the difference in someone’s life that comes around right on time!

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