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Join an outreach

We can be found every Monday evening at 6 pm on ‘The Drag’ in downtown Austin. Our meeting location is in the parking lot of 25th and Guadalupe St. 

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Prepare A Meal

Currently, we are serving 75 meals a week. A meal consists of a sandwich, a small individual bag of chips, a sweet treat/granola bar, and a bottle of water.  Fruit is always a welcomed bonus with their meal.  There is also the freedom to bring other items for meals such as hot dogs, pizza, stews/soups, etc. as long as it can accommodate 60-75 people. 

Our meal providers are on our master calendar and if you are interested in providing a meal, we ask that you contact us to get you scheduled so the meals aren’t doubled up.

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Prayer is one of the main components of our ministry. Lost and Found Ministries was birthed from God speaking to us and giving us vision and direction. 

Here are some of the ways that you can join us in prayer.


-Protection over the volunteers and the people we serve during outreach.

-Pray for peace over the atmosphere and the parking lot or wherever we are serving. 

-Pray for the salvation of the lost that we encounter. 

-Pray for transformation in the lives of the people experiencing homelessness. 

-Pray for chains of addictions to be broken.

-Pray for the provision and needs of the ministry to be met.

-Pray for divine encounters and miracle healings to happen weekly.

-Pray for new partnerships and volunteers.

-Pray for the expansion of our ministry.